How Do I Start Packing For My Move?

How long before moving day should you pack?

When it comes to moving, we can never be too prepared when it is time to pack. There is also no point in waiting to get started. If you are wondering when should I start packing for a move? The sooner that we begin to pack, the better because time always seems to fly by during a move. A move does not have to be stressful, but it requires some careful planning and a few lists to keep organized and on track.

Organization is Key

The ideal way to pack is to be organized and to take the time to wrap everything up properly so that it is not only easy to find but that it will also survive the move in one piece. It doesn’t mean that things will not go wrong or things will not break, but it will reduce the chances of that happening drastically.

Planned Packing

When to start packing for a move will depend on our circumstances; but we can generally start as soon as we know that it will happen. We just need to begin with items that will not be used for a while, such as the good Christmas dishes and the Winter coats when it is currently Summer.

We just wouldn’t pack up personal items or other things that will likely be used until the day of the move. Otherwise, we will need to buy a duplicate of the item we already have and need but have packed prematurely.

It can be handy to keep all needed items in one box in each room that can be thrown into the moving truck or personal car last. That way, it will be the first to get taken off the truck and easily accessible if needed.

One of the most frustrating things about moving is not being able to find what we need once we get to your new home. By organizing similar items together in the same boxes and keeping a detailed master list, it is much easier to find things as we need them.

There is not really a right or a wrong way to pack, and how to pack for a move will vary depending on how many possessions you have and the distance between the new house and the old house. For example, if we are moving a lot of items, a master list with a corresponding number system on the boxes will be a must. If a long-distance move is in the cards, it may be necessary to pack food from the fridge and freezer in coolers with ice. Longer moves may require a few additional steps, and it may be necessary to make additional trips.

Moving is also a great time to purge things that are no longer needed, broken, or simply wanted. What better time to sort through all of our belongings than when everything is already out of the closets and cupboards?

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