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Specialty services

Tucson, AZ and all surrounding areas

Smart Move Moving And Storage Provides Vital Specialty Moving Services in Tucson, AZ


Smart Move Moving And Storage specializes in helping households enjoy skilled local relocations. We offer a full spectrum of useful services. Give us a call. We supply free quotes for local moving projects. We welcome new business!

Sometimes relocations require households to convey specialty items from one address to another. Many moving firms consider exceptional objects like heavy pool tables or delicate grandfather clocks outside the scope of their expertise. We offer these specialized services. Our company also furnishes home staging services (to assist property owners planning to place real estate on the sales marketplace). We’ve invested in full size moving vans and all the tools and equipment required to help residents of Tucson enjoy comprehensive relocation services.


Piano Moving

People searching for piano movers in Tucson will certainly discover advantages in calling Smart Move Moving And Storage. We excel in the careful relocation of these cherished musical instruments. Sometimes households leave a Grand Piano or a Spinet behind during a relocation because of its weight. We offer a much better option. Contact us for safe, fast, reliable piano and musical instrument transport on a local level.

Gun Safe Moving

Similarly, we represent a great solution for local residents seeking careful gun safe movers Tucson. Manufacturers design high quality gun safes to withstand blunt force attacks from thieves. Additionally, the heavy weight of the safe helps deter thefts. Unfortunately, the same attributes that contribute to customer satisfaction with these products may cause aggravation during a relocation. Simply transporting a damaged gun safe to a locksmith shop usually requires considerable effort. Depend upon Smart Move Moving And Storage for assistance with any gun safe relocation. We work hard to ensure our customers enjoy red carpet service!

Grandfather Clock Moving

Our moving company also offers assistance to Tucson residents seeking to relocate a cherished grandfather clock. Frequently, this type of clock constitutes an antique. A customer may dread the prospect of attempting to pack and move one of these treasured heirlooms. Damage during transit may result in expensive repair bills. Fortunately, we supply attentive, experienced assistance. Ask us to pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack grandfather clocks. Our service helps customers preserve these valuable items for the enjoyment of future generations.

Pool Table Moving

Moving a pool table challenges many people. This unique type of relocation confronts movers with bulky dimensions, heavy weight, and fragility. Simply moving a pool table from one room to another within a building sometimes requires considerable planning. Movers must measure the pool table carefully. They need to accommodate its weight. Most importantly, they must protect the fragile table surface from damage. Customers in the Greater Tucson Area gain peace of mind knowing our company offers expert pool table packing and moving assistance.

Home Staging Relocation Services

Today, property owners often require movers for home staging. A decorator may recommend relocating or removing items of heavy furniture prior to showing a home. Our company offers this helpful service across the Greater Tucson Area. Contact us for fast, dependable assistance.

Our team of experienced movers appreciates the importance of offering comprehensive assistance during a relocation. Most households cannot transport oversized or heavy items like pianos or gun safes. Customers often lack the resources to pack fragile antiques or valuable pool tables. Obtaining these services from us brings greater peace of mind. Simply contact us to receive a free quote for any of the specialty moving services we offer.

Fully Equipped 26 Foot moving vans

Smart Move uses full sized 26ft moving vans. Our moving vans are equipped with lift gates as well as ramps to help keep your move fast and simple. 

In Home furniture protection

Before any piece of furniture is moved out of your home it is pad wrapped and shrink wrapped. This process ensures that your furniture will not get damaged. 

Get Detailed organization

Another key factor to keeping your move on time and on budget is organization. We have a step by step process for every move to make sure that your move goes smoothly.

Trained Professional movers

Our Smart Movers are hand picked to ensure that they are capable of providing exceptional service. We realize that good customer service and a positive attitude are the key.

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