How To Find The Best Moving Company in Tucson Arizona

It is hard work to find the right moving company in Tucson. The Better Business Bureau receives many complaints about movers here and it can be a challenge finding one that meets your needs. Most of these claims stem from alleged lost or damaged property, but charging for unworked hours also made the list. Moving day should not have you packing up broken items or getting an unexpected bill on top of what was agreed upon beforehand because if this happens you will need to spend time vetting potential companies which could save hassle later down the road so make sure they are worth their salt come move date!

For a smooth move, choose the right business to handle all your needs. Check out reviews on sites like Google and Angie’s list before making any final decisions about the right mover in Tucson. Here are a few tips on how to make the right choice.

Your Tucson Mover Should Be Licensed and Insured

If you’re moving out of Arizona, verify the company’s license and request their U.S. DOT number through to avoid any potential issues in case a claim needs to be filed against them later on down the line for your move; if not, check with your local Arizona consumer affairs agency before heading off into uncharted territory which may or may not have an adequate support system available locally should anything go awry during transit when it comes time for arrival at destination address other than originally planned due date/time (depending upon distance).

Look Out For Warning Signs

When it comes to moving companies, there are a few red flags that should set off alarms in your head. For example, if the company is hungry for cash upfront and won’t wait until after you’ve moved before they get paid – this might be a scam artist trying to con money out of people who don’t know any better. If during the estimate these movers seem unprofessional or unsure about their abilities, look elsewhere because odds are good they’ll do an even worse job on your move day! They should arrive on time looking professional and answer all of your questions with confidence so there’s no need for concern when hiring one!

Start Planning Early

Don’t wait till the last minute to pick a moving company in Tucson. Moving day is already stressful enough without scrambling to find a moving company at the last minute. Start your research early so you can compare companies and estimates before it’s too late! A good rule of thumb: if there are any available on short notice, they probably have something worth watching out for.

Check Out Their Google My Business Profile

Make sure to check the Google My Business Profile of the Tucson Moving Company that you are thinking about hiring. There is a lot of valuable information here. Check some of the pictures there to get an idea of the type of work that they do. Do they have a physical location in the Tucson area? This is a good way to confirm that you are dealing with a locally owned and operated mover.

The company’s GMB listing is also a great place to read reviews. How many reviews does the company have and what is their star rating? It is also a good sign if the company is actively responding to customer reviews negative or positive.

Make The Smart Move

Smart Move Moving and Storage is a family-owned company that has been providing quality moving services in the Greater Tucson area for over 30 years. We offer local moving, packing services as well as both residential or commercial moves of any size at affordable prices. And we won’t give you an estimate until after our movers see what they are up against! You can count on us to get it done right with great customer satisfaction guaranteed each time.

We were also recently awarded Best Movers in Tucson Arizona by and The Arizona Daily Star. Make the Smart Move and schedule your move today!

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