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Discover the most cost-effective days to hire movers – save big on your next move!


Are you planning a move but worried about the costs? Hiring movers can be a significant expense, but did you know choosing the right day can save you money? This blog will guide you on the best days to hire movers and how to save money on your move.

The best days to move: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Midweek savings

The most affordable days to hire movers are typically Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The reason? Most people prefer moving on weekends, making midweek moves less in demand and more budget-friendly.

Lower rates, less rush

On these days, you’re not only likely to get a better deal but also to experience a less hurried moving process. With fewer clients on their schedule, movers can provide more attentive service.

Mid-month moving: Your wallet will thank you

Avoid the month-end rush

Another strategy is to plan your move during the middle of the month. The first and last weeks are often the busiest for moving companies, driving up prices due to high demand.

Summer season: The peak time for movers

Plan ahead if you plan on moving in the summer.

Be aware that the summer months are the peak season for moving companies. Families prefer to move due to school vacations, and the weather is generally more favorable. If you’re planning to move during the summer, it’s wise to book your movers well in advance. This approach ensures you secure better rates and avoid the busy rush.

Conclusion: Smart timing saves money

In summary, choosing a midweek, mid-month moving date, especially outside of the summer season, can lead to significant savings. Remember, a little flexibility in your moving schedule can go a long way in keeping your moving budget in check.

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