How To Throw An Amazing Moving Away Party

If you’re moving away from your neighborhood and friends, a great way to say goodbye is to throw a moving away party. If you are drawing a blank when it comes to going away party ideas, the good news is that there are a few different ways to plan and throw a going away party.

Make a List

If you’re planning on moving, chances are that you already have plenty of things to do, so keep it simple. You don’t need to throw an elaborate party to be fun, but it does take some planning to pull it off.

Decide who you’re going to invite and write their names down on a guest list. When it’s complete, you will know how many refreshments, disposable dishes, and utensils to buy and how many chairs you will need to set up. It will also double as a checklist for the invites you send out, so you don’t forget anyone.

Your farewell party ideas need to accommodate the number of guests you will invite. So if you are planning on inviting a large group of people, you may want to book a venue to accommodate more people. Just be sure to book in advance so that the venue you want will be available when you plan on hosting your party.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme and will make your party seem more put-together and organized. It can be the more obvious “moving to a new house” theme, or you could center your theme around the new location where you will be moving to.

For example, if you are moving to Alaska, you might go with plenty of log cabin décor and wildlife decorations. Whatever theme you decide on, be sure to choose a couple of colors and coordinate them to keep everything looking colorful but not overly busy.

Set the Mood

Music can set the mood of your party, so choose some fun, upbeat music to create an enjoyable atmosphere. Just be sure to keep it at a moderate level so that guests don’t have to yell over the tunes in order to talk to each other. If you have room in your budget, you could even hire a DJ.

Create a Keepsake

A going away party is a fun way to create one last memory with friends and family, so be sure to have your guests write a little excerpt in a memory book that you can have as a keepsake. Or you could have everyone write something on a picture mat and then take a picture with everyone to frame and cherish forever.

Send Guests Off With a Little Something

Send guests off with a small token of your appreciation and give out favor bags as everyone leaves. It could include a couple of postcards already addressed to your new address so they can keep in touch and a few other items that go along with the theme you chose.

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